Making a sacrifice to serve our communities

By Wendy Ladd

On Long Island, one of the hardest hit regions by the coronavirus, we have sequestered more than 50 employees who operate the Gas Control Room and the Generation Power Stations. The employees sequestered at their facilities ensure that there is safe and reliable gas and electric service to our customers. These essential employees volunteered to work and were willing to be separated from their families during this trying time to serve their communities.  

Have a look at the videos on NBC and NY1

NBC New York – Powering on to Make Sure Power Stays On  National Grid and 1049 IBEW union employees live and work at the Power Stations on Long Island to provide electricity to over 1.1 million LIPA customers.

NY1 News – COVID Sequestration Long Island Gas Control  National Grid’s Gas Control Room on Long Island serves all of New York State and is a backup to the New England system. The employees are sequestered for 30-day tours. 




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Keith Rooney

Outstanding work by the Control Rooms and Power Gen teams! Really nice to see this as a highlight!


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