Major Upstate New York infrastructure project begins

Lineworkers-South-Glens-Falls-NY-2When storms and incidents bring down utility poles, National Grid line workers are on the scene to fix the damage and return service to normal as quickly as possible. So when the skies are blue, where are they then?

Hard at work updating the existing infrastructure to create a more efficient, cost-effective benefit to our customers.

Crews in South Glens Falls, NY, which is located an hour north of Albany, have begun work on a project that will replace 52 utility poles and 14 transformers over a span of 13 village streets and cost around $875,000.

Lineworkers-South-Glens-Falls-NY-1This project is the beginning stage. It is part of a ten-year, multi-billion dollar effort to improve and strengthen the Upstate New York electricity infrastructure. The project in South Glens Falls, in addition to adding more power and less interruption of service for customers, will also serve to remove poles that have been there for a while, some over 60 years.

Mike Martuscello, Overhead Line Manager on the project, will oversee line crews, and foresees the project being completed “on time” if the replacement of the poles and transformers goes without incident.

“Safety is the first priority with any job our crews do,” said Martuscello. “We want our crews to go back home the same way they came to work- healthy and safe.”

Martuscello added that he has no doubt as to his crew’s ability to do just that.

“The crew that is doing this job is very trustworthy, very reliable. All the guys in my whole barn are- my whole area really- are very reliable. They get the job done right the first time.”

Economic and residential growth have necessitated increased power supply to the area, a healthy sign of growth in Upstate New York. The project should take about 22 weeks to complete.


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