Look who’s in the spotlight!

By Ellen Cooke

Amber Inglis’ family is a military family. Amber served active duty in the US Army for seven years as a PSYOP Specialist (Psychological Operations Specialist).  PSYOP is part of the team that does loudspeaker broadcasts and leaflet drops. She had over 30 airborne jumps while stationed at Fort Bragg.

Amber and her husband, with their two children

Amber and her husband, retired Army veteran CSM David Inglis, with their two children David and Amara, moved to Syracuse, NY two years ago.

She joined National Grid as a Balance Sheet Integrity Accountant and recently changed job positions to work in Plant Accounting.  She met Steve Spaeth and Pete Allen and learned about the Veterans Employee Resource Group at her onboard meeting and immediately joined VERG. “It’s been great seeing how our company interacts with the military,” Amber said. “When attending a career fair at Fort Drum, I was able to learn what our HR team does for veteran outreach and recruiting.”

But don’t think VERG is the only place where Amber volunteers!  Among other things, she is treasurer on the Pop Warner board, volunteers for Make-A-Wish, and has done Habitat for Humanity builds.

What’s next for Amber and her desire to help our veterans?  She’s a registered volunteer with Clear Path for Veterans near Syracuse.  This is a not-for-profit organization that does all kinds of different events to support veterans.  For more information, visit this group online.

We’re proud of you, Amber! Thanks for being a part of VERG!

NOTE: Want to find out more about VERG or join? Click here

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