Long Island celebrates safety successes

By Erin Del Llano

To make it through even one day without a safety incident is an important achievement. On Long Island, the Gas Operations team measures its success in millenniums. 

At the 2018 Gas Operations Safety Breakfast, a bevy of senior leadership was on hand to recognize the tremendous accomplishments of more than 220 National Grid employees, who performed at least 10 years of incident-free work – and upwards of 51 years. This year, more employees distinguished themselves with a decade of spotless safety records than any other year prior. This is a testament to National Grid’s commitment to making workers’ safety our first priority as well as the impressive skill sets of our Long Island gas operations teams.  

Elbe Baisden, who retires this year, does so with jaw-dropping 51-years of incident free service, an achievement that literally brought the audience at the Melville Marriott to its feet in applause. 

In addition to the acknowledgement of these impressive performance statistics of individuals, leadership also took time to emphasize the unmatched strength of team work and the quality of our crew team members and leaders.  

“Our unions are instilling an amazing sense of safety,” said Tim Graham, Vice President of Customer Meter Service, as he called out the close collaboration of the union and management teams across Downstate NY gas operations. 

In a moving talk by Vice President of Field Operations New York Bob De Marinis—which itself has become a much anticipated portion of the annual breakfast—a call went out for none of us to get so caught up in the numbers that we lose sight of the goal. Incidents can happen— it’s not a failure—in fact, it’s often during the most difficult moments that we show what we’re really made of. 

“During adversity, our character can truly shine,” said De Marinis.

That’s a good reminder for all of us, especially in challenging times.

Jospeh Esposito accomplishes 10 years of incident-free work



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