Local conference provides springboard for National Preparedness Month

By Dan Pieroni

Emergency preparedness is a continuous process and is crucial for us to better serve our customers when storms hit or disasters strike. Several Rhode Island employees attended the 2017 Rhode Island Preparedness conference on August 9 in Warwick to both educate others on our practices and learn from other agencies.

The event was organized by the Rhode Island Association of Emergency Managers and brought together more than 200 emergency management employees to discuss emergency planning – everything from working with first responders to crisis communications.

Two of our employees gave presentations. Mike McCallan, vice president of Emergency Planning and Business Resilience, provided an overview of our Emergency Response Plan, (ERP) as well as our Group Crisis Management Framework. Marisa Albanese of Community and Customer Management also spoke about localized emergency response.

Our Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC) was also on hand. Built in 2015, the vehicle is equipped with such features as satellite and cellular telephone systems, and a device that allows supervisors to share data and video conference with field workers. These features allow for quick, efficient responses in real time and reassures communities of our presence during an emergency.

The conference takes place ahead of National Preparedness Month, a federal initiative that encourages emergency planning during the month of September.

This year’s theme is “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead, You Can.” Learn how to prepare for natural disasters, and ways to promote emergency planning at www.ready.gov/september.

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