Loading ‘em on up!

By Avraham Kalban

This past month, our employee/Hands Together NY volunteers shopped for 51 children who live in the Salvation Army Family Shelters in the Riverhead vicinity.  There were also departments that sponsored a child.

The Garden City National Grid Office helped by hosting a school supplies drive and filled a Jeep with bags of school supplies for the children served by the Salvation Army.

As we do every year, we partnered with PSEG-LI.  On the morning of Wednesday, August 29, PSEG’s Subrena Burwell helped the Salvation Army load up their van with the back-to-school clothes our volunteers shopped for. Salvation Army Lieutenants Esther and Taylor were overwhelmed with gratitude for our volunteers who sponsored the children.

Taylor Quaranta, Social Services Coordinator for the Salvation Army, indicated “a good portion of the supplies and clothes were distributed to the families the same evening and the families were so incredibly grateful.”

Hands Together NY logoHands Together NY is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to, and passionate about, raising funds to help those struggling with issues of hunger or homelessness in our local communities. To find out more or join the group, go to hands.together.ny@gmail.com or call
516-545-3321. The organization could always use more helping hands!

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