LNG Operations holds tabletop exercise

By Domenick Graziani

At the table – Greenpoint LNG hosts FDNY, NYPD and others for process safety exercise

The LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) team in downstate, New York knows should an emergency ever arise, it’s important to have the fire and police departments aligned and on your side. These first responders should know who to contact, where to mobilize, with a detailed understanding of the situation they’re dealing with.

These topics and much more were discussed at a recent tabletop exercise at our Greenpoint, Brooklyn LNG facility. Besides a host of National Grid internal teams, representatives from the FDNY, NYPD and Counter Terrorism units were also in attendance.

“We want a good rapport with the fire department and the other agencies,” says Wayne Clark, Lead Engineer, LNG Compliance and Training. “We wanted everyone to get a feel for what LNG is, how it could impact the community during an incident, how we would handle it, how we would communicate and who our technical experts are.”

Wayne was the team lead for the exercise along with Kevin Goldhahn, LNG Lead Engineer and Bart Polizzotti, Manager Emergency Preparedness. As part of the exercise, the team developed an LNG training video that now sits on the FDNY training website.

LNG in an urban area

Greenpoint LNG sits on 50 acres, including one-quarter mile of waterfront property along Newtown Creek. It has a sendout capacity of 290 million standard cubic feet per day and a storage capacity of 1.6 billion cubic feet – a very important complement to our overall gas supply in downstate, New York, especially on the coldest days of winter. 

Wayne explains that the exercise was an outgrowth of the company’s new process safety initiative and was much more detailed than regular drills. At the end of the drill, these agencies knew how to get the information they needed quickly and efficiently, who the National Grid contacts are, and what locations could make an ideal command post.  

The feedback from the participants was good,” says Wayne. “They felt this exercise brought the training to a new level and they want more of it. They really appreciated us bringing everybody together.”

Lessons learned from the Greenpoint exercise will be incorporated across all LNG plants across National Grid.

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