LNG: “Find the problem before it finds you!”

By Lois Bentivegna

This month marked a milestone for our LNG team: 4 years and counting they have not had an incident where someone could not return to work. 

They attribute their excellent safety record to proactively identifying, mitigating or eliminating risks. It’s a bottom up and also a top down approach according to the team. They encourage their employees to build a strong safety culture. Completing risk assessments to look at all the equipment and identify what needs maintenance, replacement or upgrades. Their motto is, “Find the problem before it finds you!”

They have also achieved 3.5 years without a road traffic collision and the sites have an excellent process safety record with no significant incidents.

“We are very proud of our record. It’s a great feeling because nobody is getting hurt in a serious way and that’s our reward. We can replace equipment and achieve numbers, but we can never replace people.” — Fikret Su, Director of LNG Operations


LNG is a cryogenic liquid stored at minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit. It is odorless, colorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive.  LNG must be handled with caution because it is extremely cold and the vapors are highly flammable. 

LNG is stored in insulated tanks in order to keep it as a liquid and is converted to a vapor with specialized equipment then introduced into our distribution gas network.  Because LNG is odorless, a leak won’t be detected unless it is large enough to create a visible condensation cloud, localized frost formation or with combustible gas detectors. That’s why the process of transferring and storing LNG requires intensive monitoring and control.


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Alex Kushnir

It’s great to see that the high level of safety within the LNG team is something that is happening across all our facilities in our service territory. Way to go!

Jim Birch

It’s fantastic to work in the Production Department with such a dedicated TEAM of professionals.


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