Live Our Values, Today and Every Day

By Keith Hutchison, SVP, US HR and Chief Diversity Officer

Today is the last day of Ethics and Compliance Week. I want to thank all of our employees who participated and shared their stories and feedback on how we can model our values to “Do the Right Thing” and “Find A Better Way” every day. I want to emphasize every day. Although we put a spotlight on ethics and compliance this week, it’s essential that we live up to our values all of the time.

We’re fortunate to be trusted with the immense responsibility to Bring Energy to Life for 20 million people in the Northeast. Our values and our culture contribute significantly to ensuring we can deliver the energy people need to live their lives in a safe, reliable, and affordable way.

We’re doing many things right, and yet we also have opportunities for improvement. As you reflect, I encourage you to think about the following:

  • Our Ethics Liaisons Network is 100 plus employees strong. This network is here to help if you have any questions or concerns about ethics or compliance. They can guide you to the right resources.
  • Help is always available. We have numerous ways for you to seek out guidance and support through our external 24-hour ALERTLINE, internal toll-free HELPLINE, and the Business Conduct Office.
  • We’re held to very high standards and understandably so given the public’s trust in us to provide an essential service. Questions can always come up on what is the right thing to do. Reach out to our ethics and compliance resources if you need guidance.
  • We’re not perfect. We know we have work to do and face occasional challenges. Every workforce does. It’s important that we seek out the appropriate guidance, be aware of our policies and procedures (ignorance is not an excuse), and learn from every experience.

I’m proud that there is so much pride in our workforce and that our employees embrace our values. We got tremendous engagement in so many of our activities this week, including a live Yammer discussion with members of our senior leadership team.

It was a high-quality discussion, where employees were able to offer input, ask questions, and get responses in real time. All of those postings remain available on our “Do The Right Thing” Yammer group for employees to still read through and comment on. I encourage you to invest some time to do this, if you haven’t already. I’m also pleased to share the videos from our roundtable discussion, and from Keri Sweet, our Senior Vice President and US General Counsel.

Thank you for a great week of engagement. Be sure to keep our values front and center every day.

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