Linemen skills on display at annual challenge

By Dave Bertola

Our lineworkers scale utility poles every day and make safety a fundamental priority. Their lives depend on it.

On June 3, they put their skill, speed, and safety knowledge to the test as they competed to represent the company at the International Lineman’s Rodeo.

One-person (apprentice) and three-person (journeyman) teams competed in tryouts in Syracuse, NY, and in Millbury, MA. Judging criteria included speed and safety when scaling utility poles, as well as participants’ ability to rescue injured lineworkers.

Top performers will join lineworkers competing from around the world at the 34th annual International Lineman’s Rodeo, in Bonner Springs, Kansas, on Oct. 14.

The rodeo has grown to include more than 200 journeyman teams and 250 apprentice teams.

Kudos to the following employees, who are moving on to the International Lineman’s Rodeo:

From New York:


Jeremy Matala
Shea Murphy
Lucas Ulman
Ben Williams


Bob Conners
Steve Popps
Joel Twiss
Josh Barns
Mike Burdikin
Bill Hansbury
Don Bauer
Sean Demarest
Brian Hack



From New England:


Ethan Bourque
William Brewer
Jacob Kohberger
Aaron Miller
Brandon Thomas


Nicholas Bertrand
Peter Correia
Daniel McDonald
James Arpin
Nicholas Cucino
Edward Lanoue
Ryan Booth
David Hattoy
Eric Menard
Ryan Flammand
Matthew Hovagimian
Kyle Moreau

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