Let’s help customers manage energy costs

By Karen Polise

To help our customers manage energy costs while also increasing the safety and comfort of their homes, our company is offering income eligible natural gas customers on Long Island no-cost home energy assessments.  Income eligible includes HEAP, SNAP, or public assistance recipients.

We’re asking you to spread the word on how the Home Energy Affordability team (HEAT™) can help customers – neighbors, family or perhaps yourselves to create an energy efficient home that’s healthier, more comfortable, and more affordable if income eligible.  And the no-cost home energy assessment may also recommend additional no-cost measures to improve your home’s energy use.

The energy specialist contractors, working on behalf of National Grid, will do an attic-to-basement evaluation to identify areas where you can save energy in your home.  These may include:

  • Energy-saving equipment installation – install pipe insulation, water flow restrictors like low shower heads and aerators
  • Evaluate insulation
  • Locate drafts/detect leaks
  • Check appliances/equipment

Who qualifies?

Homeowners and renters residing in residential buildings with 1-4 units who are listed as the person of record responsible for the natural gas service, and meet income guidelines or receive HEAP, SNAP, or public assistance, are eligible.

To learn if you or someone you knows qualifies, all it takes is one of these approaches:

Additional information on the program can be found in this Long Island Income Eligible Fact Sheet

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