Let the sunshine in!

solar-generation-project-maWe recently announced the start of construction on one of 19 solar generation projects that we plan to build in MA this year.

This first site in Millbury, MA will bring an additional 650 kilowatts of solar energy to the state and will be the first in New England to pilot a new technology, called advanced inverters, which will allow us to test new ways of regulating voltage.

R&D using the advanced inverters will be an important part of the project, which we hope will drive innovation around how solar projects provide services back to the grid.

We’re teaming up with a local company, Borrego Solar Systems Inc., for the construction – once complete the site will generate enough electricity to power 130 homes for one year. By law we’re currently only allowed to own and operate up to 50 megawatts (MW) of solar generation, and by the end of this phase of the project (completion of the 19 sites) we’ll have about 31 MW of capacity total including new and existing solar generation sites in the state.

Our solar generation projects are a major component of our Connect 21 strategy to upgrade infrastructure and drive innovation in the energy field.  Read the press release here.

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