Lauren and Anthony’s time to learn and lead

By Domenick Graziani

It’s safe to say that both Lauren Mamay and Anthony Siragusa did not ever hear of Liquefied Natural Gas before this summer. But now, they know LNG and a whole lot more.

National Grid’s Downstate LNG summer interns Lauren Mamay, fifth from right, and Anthony Siragusa, second from right at the Holtsville LNG plant.


Lauren and Anthony are two of 51 National Grid interns in downstate NY this summer (we have 175 summer interns throughout our service area). Lauren is a Chemical Engineering student at The University of Alabama, while Anthony studies Mechanical Engineering at The City College of New York.

“When I came to the Holtsville LNG plant, I didn’t quite know what to expect,” says Lauren, of Merrick, Long Island. “But I’ve learned way more than I could’ve ever imagined about LNG and what goes into running an LNG plant.”

Anthony, who interned at our Greenpoint LNG plant, adds: “I didn’t expect I would learn this much either.” Anthony became interested in National Grid and the energy industry through the company’s Engineering Pipeline program offered through Massapequa High School.

“After the Pipeline program, my decision to go into engineering was 100 percent solidified,” he adds. And, as a result of the internships, both are considering work in the energy industry as a future career.

A time to lead

Recently, Lauren and Anthony had a chance to share their knowledge and coordinate a presentation and tour of both LNG plants to fellow downstate NY interns. It gave them both the opportunity to organize and direct comprehensive tours that showcased the facilities and the knowledge they’ve learned over the summer.

“I remembered my first day getting a tour, and now I was giving one,” says Lauren.

Anthony had a similar thought. “My experience here has been extensive. I wanted varying work from day-to-day and wanted experience outside of the office, too. And the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with other interns was great.”

And their experience didn’t just benefit them. “Their enthusiasm is refreshing, they are eager to learn, take on assignments and help each of the plants complete the work that needs to be done,” adds Director of Downstate LNG Tom Smith. “They were a great asset to us this summer.”

Downstate NY interns at the Greenpoint LNG plant.


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