King Brothers Dairy Expands With Help From National Grid

Incentives, Grants Allow Farm To Install New Energy Efficient Systems

King Brothers Dairy  still delivers milk right to the customer’s door as they have done for decades, but that hasn’t stopped the farm from incorporating new technology to expand their business and offer new products. With the assistance of nearly $120,000 in energy efficiency incentives and economic development grants from National Grid over the past three years, the growing farm is on the cutting edge of agricultural technology.

Although pasteurization is a process with a long history, with its new equipment King Brothers Dairy saves energy and expense by using the heat generated from pasteurization during other parts of the milk production process. These incentives provide a way for customers to purchase more energy efficient equipment that may not have been an option without the added support.

“The addition of a new milk pasteurizer, along with energy efficient lighting, insulation and a new chiller, has allowed us to expand our business,” said King Brothers Dairy Manager Jeff King. “These improvements would not have been possible without the programs offered by National Grid.”

The dairy is part of King Brothers Dairy, located outside of Saratoga Springs. Although their main product is milk, they also make ice cream, grow corn, and sell elite cattle and embryos.

“Our farms are the backbone of our upstate economy, and I applaud National Grid for their continued investments in such a critical economic sector,” said U.S. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. “National Grid is providing much needed support to our family dairy farms by focusing on energy efficiency and productivity improvements which enable our farms to become more competitive through innovation. In Congress, I will continue working to ensure our upstate farms like King Brothers Dairy have the support they need to continue growing their businesses, providing jobs, and developing our economy.”

King Brothers Farm in Schuylerville, NY.

The farm received $50,000 from National Grid’s new Agribusiness Productivity Economic Development program. That grant, along with about $60,000 in energy efficiency incentives for the new equipment the farm has installed, has helped the dairy remain competitive and grow. The National Grid program provides grants to assist in funding energy efficiency, renewable energy delivery and productivity improvements for dairy farms, commercial farms, food processing businesses and controlled environment agricultural facilities served by the company.

“Our economic development programs are designed to support local business growth,” said National Grid Regional Executive Laurie Poltynski. “At King Brothers we were able to leverage that funding with energy efficiency incentives that will strengthen an agricultural business that has been in this area for generations.”

National Grid’s Agribusiness Productivity program is supporting upstate New York farms that are integral to the state’s economy. According to New York State statistics, the agriculture business contributes more than $44.8 billion in products, providing more than 145,000 jobs, and generating $13.8 billion annually.

Additional Quotes:

N.Y. State Senator Kathy Marchione:

“From sun up to sun down, New York’s hard working family farmers do an incredible job and are the strength of our economy. King Brothers Dairy is a terrific example of this proud tradition and its continued importance to our economy and community. I am honored to celebrate the hard work, innovation and forward thinking of King Brothers Dairy that was recently awarded the highly-coveted New York State grown and Certified Producer certification, and now is installing new energy efficient systems that will help their family business expand. I also want to recognize and commend National Grid’s strong support for King Brothers Dairy through its energy efficiency and economic development grant initiatives that helped make this new bottling facility a reality.”

N.Y. Assemblywoman Carrie Woemer:

“King’s Ransom Farm is a truly exceptional business. The King family’s ability to make innovative advancements in energy efficiency, while maintaining their already top-notch dairy quality and their family-centered business model, has set a new standard for agricultural practices here in Saratoga County and throughout New York State. I am proud to be a long-time supporter of King’s Ransom Dairy, and I am so pleased that National Grid shares our community’s commitment to the farm’s continued growth. I am confident that under the King family’s leadership, this new bottling facility will become an asset not only to King’s Ransom, but to the entire Saratoga County community.”



Nathaniel Hancock

This is a tremendous demonstration of National Grid’s commitment to the economic prosperity of our local communities. National Grid’s energy efficiency incentives and economic development grants help businesses grow and use less energy. Strengthening our local economies and improving our environment …what could be better?


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