Keeping it current: Annual Expert Training for our gas teams

Instructors at the Millbury Training site training gas field employees during AET

Instructors at the Millbury Training site training gas field employees during AET

Natural gas employees take annual competency exams (OQ’s) at Annual Expert Training

It’s winter, and while most of us associate this time of year with storm season, at training centers throughout the company it also means something else: Annual Expert Training (AET) season for Gas Operations and Customer Meter Services (CMS) employees.

Ensuring that our gas teams are current and up-to-speed on the latest techniques, technology and safety practices are the intent of these training sessions. Each year, gas operations employees receive relevant instruction on these topics, and are required to then pass testing to demonstrate their knowledge and mastery of the subjects. Basic gas principles, safety measures and compliance expectations are all part of the curriculum.

The three-day training is classroom-based and includes hands-on training, followed by knowledge testing. Both Gas Operations employees and CMS employees must pass the competency testing in order to be qualified to work. It’s a state and federal requirement that they pass these exams, so our training team takes it very seriously. Classes are scheduled each day during the winter months to ensure we have everyone covered and up to speed on best practices.

“It’s critical that our gas employees continuously focus on mastering the basics,” said Ed Donovan, Manager for the Academy, New England. “It’s how we keep our employees safe; it’s how we keep our infrastructure secure; and it’s how we make sure we’re delivering reliable service to our communities.”

Investing in the professional development of our employees is an important part of the new “People” Elevate 2018 goal. Stay tuned for more information on operations training offerings on


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