Keeping it classy – celebrating 30 yrs of service

Managers and directors from New England electric operations had a little fun with Paul Brochu, the Director of Overhead for Western New England, to celebrate his 30 years of service to the company.

Paul is known for wearing a blue sports coat to staff meetings, so the team decided to pay homage to him at a staff meeting last week by wearing blue sports jackets of their own. Even though Paul decided not to wear a jacket that day – you can see him in the middle of the photo below receiving his recognition from the team.

All kidding aside, the gesture was to recognize Paul’s 30 years of outstanding service to National Grid. Paul was a journeyman lineman before he joined the company and started his career in Engineering based out of Rhode Island. From Engineering, Paul moved into supervisory positions in both the Overhead Lines & Underground Lines in RI.  After a short stint in Work Methods, he took on the role of District Coordinator in the North Shore and then manager of Overhead Lines in the North Shore & Merrimack Valley. Today, Paul serves as Director of Overhead Lines in NE West.

Please join us in congratulating Paul on his 30 years at National Grid – a real class act!

Managers and directors from New England electric operations with Paul Brochu
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