‘Juno’ baby gets special gift

Restoring power to Nantucket during and after the record-setting storm Juno swept through the island was no easy task. From chopping ice off of frozen-over transformers to braving the brutal cold and blustering winds to put the island back online, National Grid employees dedicated long, challenging days to restoration.

But it wasn’t our linemen and other operations workers in the field who had the hardest jobs during the blizzard, said Nantucket Operations Supervisor Steve Holdgate.

baby basketIt was the mother who gave birth on Jan. 27 during the storm, at a hospital that was being powered by a backup generator.

“I told the mom that she had the hardest job during the blizzard and wanted to congratulate her on a job well-done,” said Steve, who on Feb. 4 delivered a National Grid-themed gift for baby Cayden Keith Moore. The customized basket contained National Grid mementos along with a signed card from crews who worked on the island during the storm.

“It appeared they were suspecting a visit, because we were calling around to friends and relatives asking were they lived,” Steve said. “They could see my truck in the driveway and opened the door for me. They were very appreciative.”

National Grid Nantucket crew

The crew that supported the gift basket effort: Dominic Bell – OH 1st class lineman, Karen Marsh – Meter worker / clerk, Steve Holdgate – Nantucket Operations Supervisor, Ron Conway – OH Crew Leader, Scott Munger – OH 2nd Class Lineman, Jeremy Eldridge – OH 3rd class lineman, Davis Bell – OH Crew Leader, Larry Manchester – Nantucket Utility Technician, Joseph Reis – OH 1st class Lineman, Not pictured: Bill Cardelli – Utility Technician


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Tim Mueller

I have visited the island many times. It’s good to know there are good people out there doing the difficult work of keeping the lights on, and taking those extra steps that make things easier for customers.


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