Inviting you to ‘Get Social’

Part 3 in a series to introduce our new US digital brand strategy

There is so much activity happening in our US digital brand area that it’s hard to keep track of it all! So to help tell the story to employees, the company is presenting ‘Let’s Get Social’ – a two-day event in three locations. On January 28 and 29, employees in MetroTech, Reservoir Woods and Syracuse have the chance to be educated, sign up on our social channels, hear from guest speakers who are ‘social media savvy’ and enter fun contests to win prizes.

There’ll be daily give-aways for all who attend the event, as well as opportunities to win big by engaging on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.* Look for location specifics and full agendas on At A Glance and through targeted emails.

“It’s time to pull back the curtain and give employees the opportunity to learn what National Grid has planned for its social media channels and to join in the conversation,” says Lori Acker, VP, Marketing and Customer Experience. “And who doesn’t want to have fun in the process?” The evolution of our US brand allows us to change the way we converse with our customers – from a reactive position (“that sounds frustrating”) to a proactive one (“let’s get that fixed”). Through a combination of user experience improvements and consistent, aligned messaging – National Grid is transitioning to be “ONE STEP AHEAD”.
lets_get_social_w_linesBy educating and training our employees to support and play a role in this strategy, regardless of position, we’re harnessing the strength of thousands as we promote “Here with you. Here for you.” within the communities we serve.

Our social networks

Connect to National Grid’s social networks on Facebook (National Grid, National Grid LI & Metro NY, National Grid MA, National Grid RI, National Grid UNY), Twitter ( @nationalgridus ), Instagram ( nationalgrid ) and YouTube ( nationalgrid ).

*Please note: As employees of National Grid in the US, you are responsible for adhering to the US social media guidelines prior to engagement. If you have any questions, please contact one of the SSMAC members listed in the guidelines.

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