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Gas Technology Institute trainingSome had 20 years of experience, some had 30 days – but everyone who attended the GTI (Gas Technology Institute) training course this June walked away with a lot more knowledge of the key components of our gas distribution system than when they walked in.

“The class was great,” said Terry Cleary, a manager who has been with National Grid for over 20 years, “Everyone should be so lucky to attend.”

GTI is one of the premiere gas training centers in the nation, and National Grid offered a five-day instructor-led course to 24 gas employees to help them grow their knowledge and expertise in the field.  For some, it was a refresher of information and a chance to learn about new technologies and methods of operating. For new employees, it was a chance to get an in-depth overview of the gas distribution business from soup to nuts. “As a new supervisor, I thought the GTI training was very informative and covered a wide variety of topics within the gas industry,” said supervisor Liz Miskinis, “I left the class knowing much more than I did walking in.”

The course covered topics that included:

  • The evolution of regulatory codes
  • Operating and maintenance (O&M) requirements
  • Classifying leaks
  • Joining methods
  • Regulator operating
  • Odor investigation and response
  • Emergency response

Gas Technology Institute trainingGrowing the talent and capabilities of our employees is an important part of Elevate 2018. It’s a priority because we need to have people with the right knowledge and expertise to help us continue to grow and innovate as a company.

“I left the class on Friday with a good amount of field knowledge that I didn’t have on Monday when it started, so I feel it was very helpful in my development,” said Dean Baudanza, a Resource Coordinator.

“I really enjoyed the class it helped to connect many of the aspects of Natural Gas Distribution,” said new supervisor Christian Troy.

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Rafael Sulit

I like how this piece opened, which to me, reinforces that learning & development should be throughout a career. There’s always something new to learn, whether you’re a GDP or 25-year veteran. This diversity of knowledge is what makes any leading company great.


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