Investing in New York’s Energy Future: an interview with Ken Daly

Kenneth-Daly-National-Grid-President-New-YorkKen Daly, New York President, was recently interviewed by Leaders Magazine, about the future of energy in New York. Ken talked about how REV, Connect21, STEM, and employees in the community, are all investments in New York’s energy future.

Here’s a sneak peek from the interview. Click on the link below to read in its entirety.

What kind of energy challenges are facing big cities like New York and how is National Grid at the forefront of addressing these concerns?

National Grid’s single highest priority in our New York City and Long Island service areas is to provide a safe and reliable gas delivery system to our 1.8 million customers. This requires day-to-day maintenance of our gas system and service to our customers. But it also requires significant funding for long-term investments in our gas infrastructure on behalf of these customers.

For more than a decade, we’ve been making these increased investments – including during Superstorm Sandy and the past two Polar Vortex winters – and we‘ve been able do so while providing an environment of rate stability for our customers.

Read the full interview here

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