Intern ponders post-grad plans

Caroline KuligCaroline Kulig is a rising senior at Boston College studying Communications and Spanish. This summer, she participated in National Grid’s “Gridtern” program on the US brand and strategy team in Waltham, MA, focusing on the New England region.

As I enter my final year at Boston College, I find myself unable to answer the one big question that freshman year-Caroline was sure that senior year-Caroline would know by now:

What do you want to do after graduation?

Some of my classmates could answer this question simply – grad school, consulting, teach English abroad – but I can never seem to come up with a solid answer.

I may not know exactly what kind of job I am looking for, but through my internship with National Grid, I have learned a lot about some things I will, and will not, look for post-graduation.

Brand over Stand: I study Communications and Spanish at BC, and I’ve always been interested in both business and law/government.  Last summer, I interned in the marketing department of a law firm and discovered that I really loved the marketing projects. This led me to apply to marketing internships again this summer, which landed me at National Grid.

After working here for the summer, I learned that I really don’t miss any of the legal aspects of my old internship. I am so glad to have figured this out now rather than halfway through taking the LSATs. But, perhaps an MBA still isn’t out of the question…

Have passport, will travel: I studied abroad in Granada, Spain during the fall of my junior year and it was truly life changing.  Since my return, I think a lot about planning another trip to Europe, as well as ramping up my domestic sightseeing.  I got a start this summer assisting with corporate events in upstate and downstate New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

Working bug: I have received more hands-on experience than I thought was imaginable as an intern, and I’ve caught the working bug.

In my 10 weeks as a Gridtern, I’ve learned that in order for an event we sponsor to run smoothly, a lot of work happens behind the scenes. I experienced this first-hand as project lead for a concert in my own hometown.  Meaningful work, trust, and enthusiastic colleagues have me hooked.

I am thankful to have been chosen to participate in National Grid’s summer Gridtern program and thrilled to have been placed on the Brand team. I know now that this is an area of marketing I am interested in exploring further. I have two semesters to think more about what I want to do after graduation, but something tells me I already know.

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