Innovative ‘Pipeline Decision Support Tool’ keeping customers safe

In the lead-up to this year’s Chairman’s Awards ceremony in London on 23 June, we are interviewing our finalists to hear about their projects and what it means to reach the final.

The awards recognize and celebrate the efforts of employees who have gone above and beyond their day jobs.

The Safety category recognizes employees for making exceptional contributions to detecting risk and enhancing safety practices and behaviors across National Grid. Our second Safety finalist is from the UK with the ‘Pipeline Decision Support Tool’.

Danielle Willett, Process Safety and Risk Assurance Manager, Process Safety, SSR

PDSTWhat can you tell us about your project?

We have worked with world industry experts to use their knowledge of existing models and operational methods to develop a Pipeline Decision Support Tool (PDST) to keep those communities along our gas transmission pipelines safe. The tool uses an innovative approach to take into account the threats posed by different damage mechanisms (e.g. corrosion, third party damage etc) on individual pipeline sections in order to rank pipeline sections in order of relative risk so that high-risk sections can be identified and inspection, maintenance and mitigation actions applied appropriately.

What does it mean to reach the final of the Chairman’s Awards?

The team are truly delighted. We are thrilled that an engineering project has made it to the final. It is great to see how an engineering project can contribute to safety for the organisation and that this has been achieved by working with teams from the UK and the US.

What are you most looking forward to about the ceremony in London on 23 June?

We are all looking forward to meeting the other team members. The UK and US team are looking forward to meeting. Despite working together for some time we have not all met yet!

Anything else you’d like add?

We all feel really privileged to be going to the awards ceremony given that there are so many great projects going on in National Grid.

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