Innovative Ideas, Technologies Lead to a Sustainable Future


This article is one of a series on the major components of our upstate NY rate case

Our new, comprehensive multi-year upstate NY rate plan includes innovative ideas and technologies that support National Grid’s clean energy goals as well as New York’s target of 50 percent renewables by 2030. They include:

 Electric Transportation Initiative — To assist New York’s growing demand for “green” transportation, our Electric Transportation Initiative offers two distinct programs:

An Electric Vehicle Charging Host Program: With the goal of substantially increasing the number of charging stations in upstate NY over three years, National Grid will:

  • Invest in capital upgrades to accommodate the installation of EV charging stations at commercial customers’ properties
  • Provide incentives to property owners to encourage EV charging station installation

The Consumer EV Education program: Educational initiatives to raise awareness of EVs, including available models, economic and environmental benefits, and available incentives to encourage participation in EV programs.

Upstate NY Energy Storage Demonstration Projects – We have proposed two demonstration projects to increase the penetration of distributed energy resources. In addition to providing customer benefits, the initiatives will help us learn more about how distributed energy resources impact the electricity system.

  • The Kenmore project in western NY will use energy storage to alleviate supply constraints at nearby substation
  • The East Pulaski project in central NY will use energy storage to alleviate a distribution constraint at nearby substation

Commercial Gas Demand Response Project – A new, non-pipeline alternative project where large commercial firm gas customers can voluntarily participate in and be compensated for reducing peak gas demand during periods of high usage in the Albany region.

Electric Heat Initiative – This initiative is designed to encourage customers to convert to efficient electric heat pumps when replacing older, less efficient, and more carbon intensive heating equipment. The initiative will provide rebates to promote the installation of electric heat pumps to help accelerate efficient heat electrification in support of New York’s clean energy goals.

Residential Solar Marketplace — This program will help broaden awareness of solar power, lower its costs, and facilitate increased access between third-party solar providers and interested consumers. Customers using the Residential Solar Marketplace will receive competitive pricing from solar providers to help lower their solar costs. Solar Providers will gain access to a large base of customers who have expressed interest in solar through their interaction with the marketplace. This customer access should help solar providers lower acquisition costs and pass savings on to customers.

Smart City – Schenectady — In collaboration with the City of Schenectady, a new National Grid REV demonstration project will replace approximately 4,200 street lights with advanced LED streetlights that will be retrofitted with smart technologies. The upgrades will make the city more efficient and the technology attached to the streetlights can provide city employees with real-time monitoring and control, offer networks on which additional city enhancements may operate and facilitate community engagement efforts.

The demonstration project also will allow National Grid to test the impact of energy savings from a large-scale LED conversion project. Additionally, the project will provide important learnings on whether enhanced street lighting infrastructure can provide options so that municipalities can maximize streetlight infrastructure for services other than lighting.


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Innovative Ideas, Technologies Lead to a Sustainable Future

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