Incentives light the way for Cummins Inc.

By Dave Bertola

A.J. Maze demonstrates the new wi-fi enabled lighting system at Cummins’ Jamestown Engine Plant.

When Cummins Inc. recently showcased improvements at its Jamestown Engine Plant, upgrades included new, energy-efficient lighting, made possible through National Grid’s Energy Efficient Lighting for Business program.

The Lakewood, N.Y. facility replaced 3,000 fluorescent lights, which were nearing end of life, with an advanced LED lighting and wi-fi enabled control system. Cummins estimates that the project will save about 9 percent on the plant’s total energy use, delivering an annual cost savings of $425,000. National Grid support for the project totaled $692,000.

The company’s Energy Efficient Lighting for Business program provides financial incentives to help eligible commercial and industrial customers add energy-efficient lighting, controls, HVAC equipment, motors/electronic speed controls and other systems that reduce energy use and/or enhance productivity.

“When companies invest in their facilities, we know that they are committed to staying and growing in the region,” said Ken Daly, President, National Grid New York. “We realize the significant impact that the company has on the local and regional economies, and these types of investments are critical elements of our economic development work in western New York.”

National Grid regional manager Ken Kujawa and Jon Nickerson, who served as National Grid’s project manager for the Cummins energy efficiency project, answer questions during a Sept. 19 event where a new lighting system was unveiled.

National Grid’s program addressed light quality, efficacy and on-time concerns at the Jamestown Engine Plant, where Cummins produces diesel and natural gas engines on a 22-acre site. Last May, the plant also invested $47 million in new block line machining – covering an area of about 40,000 square feet – to accommodate production volumes.

In addition, as part of an enterprise-wide environmental sustainability plan, Cummins recently completed a number of updates to reduce the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions, water use and energy consumption. Some were also made possible through the company’s longstanding partnership with National Grid.

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