In The Field With Safety Advocate Mike Cavaco

By Darlene Masse

When it comes to safety, every little detail matters. That was clear on a recent field visit with Mike Cavaco. As the National Grid safety advocate for the Rhode Island gas operations team for the past three years, Mike is always looking out for the well-being of his co-workers.

During this particular visit, Mike used eyewash as an example of a small detail that can make a big difference in an emergency.

He explained, “If the eyewash container is empty and someone gets something in their eyes, it’s a problem.”

As part of every field visit, Mike looks over the safety of the work zone, reviews the job brief, talks with the crew, and inspects the truck(s) to be sure it has all of the required safety equipment , including a full stock of first aid supplies.

“I am here to support the crews in the field and make sure they have whatever they need to work safely,” said Mike. With more than 35 years of direct field experience, Mike knows first-hand what it’s like to work in the trenches fixing gas leaks and repairing mains. And, the crews appreciate and respect that.

Mike completes a comprehensive checklist of what he finds at every site. It’s all anonymous, so crews are not identified. Mike then uses those checklists to compile monthly reports of trends that are happening in the field and shares it with management with the goal of better understanding and mitigating any safety concerns.

In addition to his safety advocate role, Mike is actively involved in the community and manages many of the charitable giving programs at Dexter Street. Click here for a recent article.

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