If you see something, say something

SAM_Hard_HatWould you recognize a suspicious behavior or activity if you saw it?

You can help by knowing what kind of behavior to look out for, and speaking up when you see something that doesn’t feel right. Be on the lookout for anyone:

  • Entering a restricted area without good cause
  • Taking pictures, videos or measurements of equipment, infrastructure, facilities, substations and secure areas
  • Parked in a vehicle in a restricted area
  • Showing an unusual level of interest in our security measures
  • On our property without ID or National Grid safety equipment
  • Driving a vehicle in an unusual way – slowly, repeatedly on the same route
  • Unable to explain their actions or behavior

Also look out for:

  • Vehicle gates or doors left open or fences cut
  • Packages left near a substation or entrance to a buildings

If you see something suspicious, call National Grid Corporate Security on (844) 290-0722. In an emergency, dial 911.

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