How did you park your vehicle this morning?


Back-in challenge at Attleboro, MA electric yard.

Back-in challenges taking place at ten locations Dec 16 for Safety Leadership Day.  Join the challenge.

At the Attleboro, MA electric yard, there’s no room for error when it comes to parking safely in their lot. That’s because the yard is one of many that participate each day in the “100% back-in challenge,” asking all employees and visitors to back into a parking spot rather than pull in front first.

During the upcoming Safety Leadership Day on December 16, 2014 employees at nine other locations, in addition to Attleboro, will be called upon to join the challenge.

Back-in challenges will take place at Reservoir Woods, Syracuse (Erie Blvd), Providence (Melrose St), Albany (1125 Broadway), Buffalo (144 Kensington Ave), Melville (Hub Dr), Worcester, Northboro, Attleboro and North Andover.

The goal is for 100% of vehicles to be backed-into their spots – so be on the lookout for

Employees and visitors take the challenge at the Attleboro, MA electric yard location

Employees and visitors take the challenge at the Attleboro, MA electric yard location

posters and volunteers who will assist that day.

Why back-in to a spot?

  • Statistics show it is safer to back in on arrival than back out during departure. Most backing incidents happen when parking or reversing out of a parking spot.
  • On average, backing incidents account for 25% of total RTCs each year at National Grid, so it’s an important safety precaution to practice.

Be sure to join the back-in challenge at your site on December 16. You can learn more about other Safety Leadership Day activities by visiting the Safety Leadership page on Infonet. (The National Grid network is required to access Infonet)

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