Helping students to PROSPER

By Shelby Doherty

Prosper5A group of 15 students from Long Island’s Westbury High School recently participated in a PROSPER (People Reaching for Opportunities to Succeed Personally, Educationally and Realistically) visit to the E. F. Barrett Power Station, in Island Park, NY. PROSPER  is an organization that helps adolescents understand the importance and the relevance of education as it relates to employment and encourages them to stay in school while preparing them for the business world upon graduation. The students watched presentations by plant staff about National Grid, their careers and the types of jobs available in the company.
They ended the day with a pizza party for the students and plant staff so the students could speak to employees and ask questions in an informal setting. Another PROSPER group is planning to visit Barrett for a similar event in late February/early March. Click here to learn more about PROSPER and here to watch a brief video about the program.

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