Helping girls become strong, smart, bold

By Domenick Graziani

girlsinc2The credo of Girls Inc. is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. And that’s what National Grid has been doing for years now on Long Island and across its service areas.

Earlier this summer, 18 girls in grades 9-12 from across Long Island had the opportunity to visit a different corporation each day during Long Island’s College & Career Exploration Week. Each day, they learned about the world of business and various technologies and met with both men and women in leading roles.

girlsinc-1The girl’s day at National Grid started with a tour of the Gas Control Center led by Rich Delaney, who explained the gas distribution system and its importance to Long Island, New York City and New York State. The girls then split up into classes in the Learning and Development Center. Paul Travaglia ran a demonstration on fusing pipe and how pipe is installed in the field. Andy Chiasera explained the properties of natural gas, discussed safety and did a demonstration to show how it reacts as you change its components.

“All the demonstrations and discussions were extremely informative for the girls,” said Kathy Wisnewski, Community and Customer Manager and Girls Inc. of Long Island Board Co-chair. “They explained the technologies and applications at a level that the students really grasped. The girls were excited to be part of it.”

girlsinc4The big day at National Grid concluded with lunch and roundtable discussion of careers and education with Pat Michels, Mary Genoy, Kamona Ayres and Amy Drogalis.

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