Happy New Year!

By Dean Seavers

What a good feeling it is to open our eyes to an unchartered 365 days ahead.

I’m excited about my personal challenge – to better understand human nature by viewing the world through impartial eyes, to learn, to rediscover, and to see what I’ve missed.

Similarly, I am eager to set out, with our whole workplace community, to: Bring energy to life.

It’s not so much where we’ll go, as what we’ll be doing: We will exceed the expectations of our customers, shareholders, and communities today and make possible the energy systems of tomorrow.

For navigation? We’ll press into service our tried and true values: Every day we will do the right thing and find a better way.

How fortunate we all are to have a journey in the waiting. One that requires we all contribute to keep it alive – in either core business performance, in opportunities to grow our core business, or in readying our business for future changes in technology, and in customer and community needs.

Whether you are mapping your personal or professional journey for 2017, be bold, be safe, and be open-minded.

I look forward for when our paths cross, when we walk together, and what we learn along the way.

Best for 2017,

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