Going the Extra Mile

CMS tech with meterA CMS tech went the extra mile to help an elderly couple get their meter replaced following Nor’easter Juno, which brought more than 30 inches of snow to the Massachusetts region.

Following the storm, it was difficult to travel in and out of the Barnstable, MA neighborhood where the couple lived, but Steve Kenney, the CMS tech assigned to do the replacement, managed to make it in to do the work. It wasn’t so much the fact that he was able to get the work done, but the manner by which he provided customer service that struck a chord with the customers he served.

The husband and wife had both recently dealt with health issues that made their mobility difficult and they were anxious about getting their meter replaced given the large snow totals that had kept them indoors for several days. They wrote to praise Kenney’s demeanor when he arrived at their door, saying he was polite, kind and replaced the meter efficiently despite the elements.

The customers felt the level of service they received was exemplary, and they wanted to make sure the CMS tech received the recognition he deserved. Way to go Steve – you made a positive impression that reflected the National Grid commitment to customer responsiveness and it didn’t go unnoticed.

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