Going above and beyond for a family in need

By Tim Rondeau

Every year, the employees at our Dexter Street facility hold a coat drive for the students at Lima School, a school within walking distance.  When the students visited Dexter Street to pick up their coats this past December, they ran out of girls’ coats.  One little girl didn’t care though, grabbing an ill-fitting boys’ coat.  By the end of the day, the employees had replaced the little girl’s coat with one that fit her properly.  But employee Mike Cavaco wasn’t satisfied. “Seeing a child so afraid of not having a winter coat was very troubling,” Mike said.

The next day, Mike went and met with the principal.  The principal reached out to the little girl’s mother and they found out her family had been homeless for eight months, living with extended family and friends, bouncing from couch to couch. Only in November did they find a permanent residence, but by then they lost most of their belongings.  When Mike found out about the hardship, the employees at Dexter Street took it upon themselves to help.

Mike took the mother shopping for everything on their family’s wish list: drawing paper and markers for the little girl, kitchenware and basic appliances for the mom.  The items were then put up “for sale” at the office.  Employees jumped at the opportunity to help the little girl’s family, buying the nearly $400 worth of items within a few hours.

But that wasn’t enough.  Not for Dexter Street.  Union and non-union employees alike bought clothes, movie passes, even a bicycle, loaded up the car, and delivered the items to the family.  Finally, with the money collected, they were even able to purchase a bedroom set for the little girl and a living room set for the family.

This is typical of our Dexter Street employees.  Standard even.  And their “standard” is extraordinary.

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