Girls Inc. Visits National Grid in Albany, NY

Shelia from National Grid CMS in Albany shows Girls Inc. participants “the tools of the trade.”

National Grid, inspired by the Girls Inc. summer camp theme of “teamwork” has created the F.I.T. (Females in Trades) Challenge for the Girls Inc. girls at the Albany location as part of their summer camp activities.

Using hands-on activities, National Grid employees will help girls, ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade, test STEM knowledge, learn team building skills, and experience challenges National Grid employees may experience while working with and around gas and electricity…all while wearing official National Grid PPE (personal protective equipment) including hard hats, gloves, safety glasses and more.

Throughout the morning, girls will be able to learn about safety tips in the home and get to explore National Grid vehicles, tools, equipment and safety gear.

Girls Incorporated inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold. The organization is committed to helping girls build skills and capabilities for a responsible, confident and self-sufficient adulthood.

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