Girl Scout feeds electric crews in Massachusetts

By Tim Rondeau

Crews working to restore power in western Massachusetts early one September morning were surprised by an unexpected act of kindness.  Scout’s honor.

girl2On Sunday, September 11th a wind storm swept through the state and many crews were dispatched in response to power outages.  In West Brookfield, MA, a few crews were working under the guidance of Overhead Electric Supervisor Tim Lowkes to replace three poles, several cross arms, and wires that had been damaged by fallen trees.  The linemen had been working for several hours without breaking when a detail officer approached Lowkes, informing him that a girl scout named Alyssa Inslee wanted to speak to Lowkes.

Alyssa and her mom brought two coolers containing about 20 bagged lunches, each complete with a sandwich, juice box, cookie, box of Milk Duds, and note thanking the crews for their hard work.  Alyssa devised the plan herself and used her own allowance to buy the supplies for the meals.


In response to Alyssa’s generosity, Lowkes, along with members of the Massachusetts Community & Customer Team, honored Alyssa in her hometown of Ware at a town meeting on November 1st.  In front of town officials and residents, Lowkes spoke about how much the crews valued Alyssa’s gesture and rewarded her with a pink hardhat and a pink baseball cap.

“For Alyssa to take her time and spend her own money to feed those guys, it was greatly appreciated” Lowkes said during the meeting. “And trust me, we ate the sandwiches!”

If there was a National Grid merit badge, you’d be our first recipient Alyssa.


Rita Moran

This is just a fantastic story all around….our crews working tirelessly to restore power… and their efforts did not go unnoticed by a thoughtful, caring young lady who was not looking for recognition, but was expressing her gratitude for their work.


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