Get ready for Ticks

By Samantha Murray

They may not be very active now, but soon they will be.

February is a GREAT time to start checking off things on your TickSmart “To Do” list, like sending spring and summer work clothes to be treated with long-lasting permethrin tick repellent. Commercially-treated clothes retain their tick-killing activity for an incredible 70 launderings because the active ingredient is bound firmly to the fabric (and doesn’t wash out) meaning greater safety for the wearer. Treatment also doesn’t affect the FR protection. Tick repellent and FR compliant! Get more information at:

This is also a great time to learn more about the environments in which you may encounter ticks this spring, both on and off the job.  While most of the ticks people encounter are from their own yards or neighborhoods, outdoor workers also may be exposed on job sites where their risk may be even higher. In addition to wearing tick repellent clothes, if you live where ticks do, you also can safely treat your yard with tick-killing sprays. Read more about what is and isn’t tick habitat, and about the best at-home risk reduction strategies:


While spring is when ticks really get going, winter still can be a time for surprise tick encounters, especially when daytime temperatures are in the 40’s and nighttime temperatures barely cause the ground to freeze. Now is the perfect time to get in the habit of doing daily tick checks, before tick activity really ramps up. It’s TickSmart to always do at least a quick full-body scan in the mirror every day. If you do find a tick, remember you have your own personal access to a tick expert through the NationalGrid TickSpotters program. Send in a picture of any tick you find, especially if it was biting. Find the TickSpotters NG submission form at:

Even for outdoor workers, it’s not impossible to avoid tick bites, but it does take a little effort. The best way to tackle any new and challenging task is to break it up into manageable segments. Now is the best time to start making a TickSmart lifestyle part of your other job-safety habits and practices.

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Amy Stacy

I went hiking yesterday (Feb 26) and found a tick firmly attached to my leg this morning – it’s already starting.

Jackson Lehr

So did our friends’ son after a short hike the weekend before last, and they only discovered the deer tick days later once engorged (fingers crossed for no Lyme disease). These are great tips, especially the old-fashioned tick check. Thank you for helping keep us safe at work and at home!


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