GBE goes live with second release

By Erin Del Llano

Late last month, the Gas Business Enablement (GBE) program went live with its second major release, which delivered enhancements to Collections, Corrosion and I&R teams in Rhode Island, and introduced new mapping systems to more teams across the business.

Within this release, GBE rolled out three Geographic Information System (GIS) platforms: ArcGIS Pro and Portal for desktops, and Lemur for mobile devices. With Lemur, crews can access maps and data on their iPads, including addresses and station numbers, even when they are offline or without cell phone service.

Additionally, desktop versions of the platforms are now being used by teams that support the Rhode Island Jurisdiction, such as Asset Management, Capital Delivery and Resource Planning. And although this release is just a small portion of the overall GIS solution, it’s a great example of how GBE is helping to standardize common technology platforms and solutions.

Leading up to the go-live on October 22, the GBE team carried out its hands-on engagement strategy in Rhode Island, which included roadshows, demos, testing, and training. These allowed teams to share their voice, suggest ideas and ensure the solution is fit for purpose.

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