Gas Business Enablement launches in Rhode Island

By Erin Del Llano

When Supervisor Rich Defazio and his Collections team went live with the Gas Business Enablement (GBE) solution on April 16, they were primed and ready for it.

From roadshows that brought class-room style training of the program to comprehensive iPad tutorials, the GBE team worked directly with Rich and his team of 20 collectors well in advance of the roll out. That same level of hands-on support continued on-site following the launch.

“The GBE team was outstanding,” said Rich. “They were there every step of the way. There were a few bumps the first day, but we were prepared for early roll out issues like that. The team responded and addressed them quickly. The GBE solution is a big time improvement to how our team works.”

GBE is a multi-year initiative that invests in the future of National Grid’s US Gas Business. Helping to modernize and standardize the company’s technology systems and processes, GBE launched its first technology deployment in Rhode Island in April. So far, it has reached roughly 140 members of the Corrosion and I&R teams, and Rich’s Collections team.

Using Salesforce—one of the critical software platforms in GBE—Dispatch can more efficiently assign daily work orders to his team, view real-time updates of their location on a map, see the status of their work orders, and quickly respond to requests or needs on the spot.

“Being able to track my team as a whole, and see exactly where they are both in terms of their location and job status, is a huge benefit. Now, if someone on the team is in trouble or needs extra support, I can see it all on one screen at my desk—one scroll of the mouse—who has completed their orders and is available and close by to help out and quickly direct them over,” Rich said.

This process replaces Rich’s work with M-work. The M-work laptops were slow and often wouldn’t work in the field, forcing Collectors to come into the office and hardwire into the network to complete work orders—which was inefficient. The iPads are a 21st century solution for a 21st century workforce and this is just the start, as even more benefits to the Rhode Island Collections team are on the horizon.

“The solution is getting even more robust,” Rich said. “Now I can run more reports and I have greater visibility over the work we have to do.”

By reaching every gas service territory across all jurisdictions by 2022, the GBE program will address work and asset management, improve customer interactions, enhance planning and back office automation and mobile-enable our field workers.

To stay updated on the latest news from the program, join the Gas Business Enablement conversation on Yammer or visit the Infonet page. You can also download the Bring Energy to Life app on iTunes or Google Play to stay even more connected to the program.

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