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National Grid recently launched a significant investment in one of its major electrical stations in West Seneca that, when completed, will improve service reliability, increase capacity to meet growing customer needs, and enhance safety for crews who work in the station.

Work is now underway on a $118 million, four-year project that includes the rebuild of the 115,000-volt element of the Gardenville station.  Other facilities on the site will remain.

“This station is a vital link in the energy network here in western New York, and serves some of the largest customers and employers in the region,” said Ken Daly, National Grid’s New York president.  “By making this investment today, we will assure that this link continues to provide safe, reliable service well into the future.”

The Gardenville site and its 17 high-voltage transmission lines handle a significant portion of the region’s electricity demand every day of the year.  The original Gardenville station was built in the 1930s, with major component upgrades and replacements installed in the 1950s and 1960s.

The Gardenville project is part of National Grid’s extensive investment in its energy networks on behalf of its customers.  From 2013 through March of 2018 the company will have invested $3 billion in its upstate New York networks to improve safety and reliability, promote economic growth, and build a smarter energy system that is prepared for the next generation of clean energy services.

At the same time, customers have experienced more than a decade of stable energy prices.  Adjusted for inflation, total electricity bills today are 20 percent lower than they were in 2004.

The Gardenville project is contained entirely within existing company-owned property.  National Grid conducted extensive outreach to local and regional officials and site neighbors as part of the project review and approval process.

Initial project work includes environmental reviews, site preparation and some demolition of existing structures, to be followed by the rebuild of the 115 portion of the station and associated line work.  The project is expected to be completed and in-service by late summer 2020.  An electrical station serves as a central point for transmission and distribution of electricity, increasing or decreasing voltage through transformers as needed to move energy over distances and make it available for consumer use.

National Grid is directing all aspects of work done by company and contract workers at the site.

About National Grid

National Grid (LSE: NG; NYSE: NGG) is an electricity and natural gas delivery company that connects nearly 7 million customers to vital energy sources through its networks in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It is the largest distributor of natural gas in the Northeast. National Grid also operates the systems that deliver gas and electricity across Great Britain.

Through its U.S. Connect21 strategy, National Grid is transforming its electricity and natural gas networks to support the 21st century digital economy with smarter, cleaner and more resilient energy solutions. Connect21 is vital to our communities’ long-term economic and environmental health and aligns with regulatory initiatives in New York (REV: Reforming the Energy Vision) and Massachusetts (Grid Modernization.)

For more information please visit our website:, or our Connecting website. You can also follow us on Twitter, watch us on You Tube, Friend us on Facebook and find our photos on Instagram.

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