Food collectors to the rescue!

By Avraham Kalban

National Grid employees volunteered at the Key Food Trade Show held at Nassau Coliseum on Wednesday, February 26. The volunteers assisted with distributing materials to vendors (Island Harvest labels, boxes, etc.), collecting donated food, and loading the food onto the Island Harvest truck. In total, volunteers rescued 17,533 pounds of food. That’s over 14,600 meals.

The volunteers enjoyed the volunteer opportunity and Island Harvest was thankful for their efforts. Island Harvest Volunteer and Community Relations Coordinator Shannon Karafian says, “Thank you SO much for your help! You were all incredible, and we couldn’t have done it without you”

Left to right is Polly Duff, Carolyn Parkinson, Laura McNeil, Marilyn Reid, Debra Leposa, Annette Dennis, and Ann Clarke


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