Fishing for safety

The Roslyn CMS team passed a significant milestone of 7 years without a Lost Time Incident! A celebration that took their team into the deep seas for a fun filled fishing trip.

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This is an ongoing journey to keep our CMS team injury free. This outstanding achievement confirms their solid commitment to safety and demonstrates that in CMS, we “walk the talk” when it comes to safe working practices.

An achievement that is the result of a culture based on hard work, strong management support, and personal ownership of safety. Roslyn’s safety record is something we can all be proud of.  Let’s continue the momentum, focusing on working safely!

“Congratulations, CMS Roslyn, for an excellent achievement. Keep up the great work.”
Edward VanGulden, Director – CMS LI


Sue Jepson

Thank You Johnny!! It’s a pleasure to lead a fantastic team that takes pride in everything they do. I am truly proud.

Ken Daly

Congratulations for a remarkable achievement by the CMS team, especially given the weather and industry challenges you have faced these past 7 years.

Thank you for making National Grid a safe place to work and our communities a safe place to live.


Ken Daly
National Grid New York


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