FERC Jurisdiction and New Energy Solutions Join Forces for Families in Need

By Jeff Norwood

Team members from New Energy Solutions (NES) and the FERC Jurisdiction, who recently joined forces under Rudy Wynter’s leadership, found a way to celebrate their new relationship through volunteering.

A group of about 20 employees from both groups met last month at Room to Grow in Boston to help sort, count, and organize donated items.

Room to Grow is dedicated to enriching the lives of babies born into poverty during their first three years of development.  Parents are referred to the organization by a network of prenatal programs assisting low-income families.

“We provide a unique combination of individualized parenting support and education, connections to community resources and baby essentials at every stage in order to ensure that babies reach development milestones, leading to success in school and beyond,” said Patricia Hunter, Inventory & Volunteer coordinator at Room to Grow.

The team of volunteers sorted more than 300 donated items and organized them for Room to Grow’s own retail store. Here, clients “shop” free-of-charge for items they need.

“Learning more about this outstanding organization was great,” said Terron Hill, director of Network Strategy, FERC. “We took our ‘find a better way’ strategy at National Grid and applied it this wonderful opportunity.”

“It was a really good experience,” said Carlos Nouel, vice president of NES. “It was impressive to see that despite being a small operation, Room to Grow is able to provide critical supplies for families with newborns. It gives them a great chance to go through that difficult phase in life with everything they need. As a parent of young kids, I can see the importance of being able to provide newborns and babies with the things that will help them with their development.”

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