FERC Fives – Kevin Reardon

FERC Fives  –  Kevin Reardon

Five questions that help us get to know employees within and that support the FERC Jurisdiction.

Kevin Reardon is a lead account manager in Commercial Services supporting wholesale transmission customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Tell us about your career at National Grid. How long have you been here? How did you transition into your current role?

I started with National Grid in 2009 through the Graduate Development Program (GDP) after graduating from SUNY Oswego in upstate New York. At that time the program consisted of three, six-month rotations among various areas of the business. All of my time in the GDP was spent in transmission, with the first rotation in Commercial Services. I then transitioned to Transmission Project Management and Construction. This lasted longer than the normal six months since I was fully engaged in projects I wanted to see through to completion. I finished in Program Management – Regulatory. The GDP was a great way to experience different parts of the organization and learn about the utility business. Being brand new to the company it was a great opportunity to meet people, develop relationships and build networks. After completing the GDP, I accepted an analyst position in Commercial Services, which supports our wholesale customers in New England and upstate New York that include wholesale generators and municipal electric customers. This group also maintains relationships with the other investor-owned utilities around our service areas such as Eversource and New York State Electric & Gas.

After a few years I moved on to a role as a process improvement representative in Emergency Planning, where I worked on implementing PEx initiatives for that department. When an opportunity opened up to go back to Commercial Services as an account manager in New England, I decided that’s where I wanted to be.

How do you see your team’s role evolving as we strive to meet the future needs of our wholesale customers?

We strive every day to be more responsive to our customers while also trying to be proactive and anticipating their needs. Our roles are expanding because there is so much change happening in the energy industry and transmission’s role as an enabler of those changes. Our customers are becoming more savvy and interested in new ways to do business. There is a lot of renewable energy and storage coming on line, and wholesale customers want to find ways to access these energy resources while saving money for themselves and their customers. With our focus on new and bold initiatives we are providing them with the tools they need to do just that. I think when we are more agile and take a proactive approach we’re better able to manage those relationships.

What matters most to you about your job?

What matters most to me is delivering for our customers. We interact with a number of different areas of the organization to provide the best experience for them. They want to protect and advocate for their stakeholders. Their only focus is what’s best for them, their customers and their shareholders and rightfully so. They hold us to a very high standard and it’s very rewarding when we meet those expectations. I try to make sure my focus is there every time I start my work day because their time is very precious. At the end of the day we may not see the reward and the benefit, but as long as they do, I consider that a win.

If you could write a book on any topic what would it be?

I’m fascinated with leadership strategies and am a big fan of different books that portray leadership capabilities and best practices. Although I don’t have all the strategies and answers, I’d like to offer my perspective and views. I’m very interested in finding new ways to motivate people. Everyone has a different personality and way of approaching his or her own role in business. I work with people every day that represent a number of organizations within National Grid such as Operations, Engineering and Finance; and it’s challenging to find new ways to interact with them in order to learn as much as I can.   When I meet someone new, I find it easy to develop a relationship and figure out how we can help each other reach a goal. I’d like to collect all that knowledge and share it.

What’s your favorite app on your phone?

I don’t have very many apps and I like to keep it that way. I’m also very organized so every app has a folder and it’s labeled accordingly. My favorite app is Spotify Music, which allows me to play the country music I like whenever I’m able to. I’m from upstate NY, where you hear country music a lot more than you do in the Boston area, which is where I live now.

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