Eyes in the Field: National Grid’s First Responder App

By Tim Rondeau

app2On Friday, November 18, 2016, National Grid held two media events to unveil its new First Responder App.  The launch of the app, available for smartphones and tablets, will give first responders in New England the ability to report emergency situations involving the National Grid’s gas and electric infrastructure. The company is the first in the U.S. to utilize the new application.

The First Responder app allows pre-authorized police and fire officials to take photographs of damage to infrastructure and send a report.  The report is then directed to the appropriate local National Grid operations supervisors, all with the touch of a few buttons.  It will allow operations employees the opportunity to better assess the app4situation before a crew is dispatched to the incident, as emergency responders send photos in real-time.

Currently, police and fire departments report field incidents by calling in reports to a dedicated line at National Grid. With the First Responder App, they will now augment that process by snapping a geographically-targeted photo to supplement the call.

Over 500 first responders in Massachusetts and Rhode Island have already signed up for the app and interest continues to grow.


Lisa Willey

My brother is a firefighter in Western NY and this app would be great for him and his team. When will it expand to other areas?

Tim Rondeau

Good to hear Lisa! The app is expected to be available to first responders in National Grid’s Upstate New York service territories around mid-January.

Dan Keating

Lisa – I am the Jurisdictional Manager in WNY. Whereabouts in WNY is your borthers fire dept located? We’d love to setup a meeting with them.

David Harbison

Would love to know when this is ready for roll out in Upstate New York. As a fire chief I think that this would be a great addition to our available tools.


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