Enhancing the Customer Experience


This article is one of a series on the major components of our upstate NY rate case


 As part of our new upstate New York rate case, we’re enhancing the customer experience through different initiatives and channels to improve our services and offer more options to customers.

“Our Customer Service Quality Programs allow us to invest in improvements to increase our level of performance and enhance the customer experience across all New York companies,” says Arlene Gans, director of our New York customer contact centers.

Here’s what we’ll be doing to enhance our customers’ experience:

  • Customer call centers – To improve customer satisfaction and call center performance, we will implement upgrades to our call center information technology. Once complete, this effort will allow National Grid to load balance calls, and optimize staffing at our New York state call centers and in-state third-party vendors.
  • Credit/debit card transaction fees – We will explore ways to lower the transaction fees for customers using their credit or debit cards to pay their utility bills.
  • Same-day electric customer reconnections – We will work to perform more same-day electric reconnections for customers whose overdue payment is received by noon, when practical.
  • Training materials and customer messaging – We will update our training materials for customer service representatives and enhance our customer messaging on collections-related brochures, written customer notices, and our integrated voice response message concerning customers’ right to affordable payment agreements. We also will update our internal training materials on the availability of, and enrollment requirements for, low income assistance programs including our Energy Affordability Program.
  • Electronic deferred payment agreements – We are seeking approval for a proposal to implement electronic deferred payment agreements
  • Walk-in payment transaction fee – We will no longer charge a transaction fee to customers who pay their National Grid bill at an authorized third-party payment center, such as participating supermarkets.



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