Energizing Upstate NY

By Patrick Stella

New transmission tower in Washington County, NY

New Transmission tower in upstate NY.

Often a new construction project replacing older electric towers with new ones goes unnoticed. The work involves construction of temporary roads into wooded areas, work on electric lines that are sometimes “live,” or energized, and detailed design work to make sure the transfer of power to the new lines goes as seamlessly as possible.

This is the work that National Grid has done in Saratoga and Washington counties in upstate New York to increase capacity for one of the biggest areas of growth in the state. This project is part of the $6 billion in infrastructure investment the company has spent over the past ten years to increase safety, reliability and promote economic growth.

“Economic development success requires access to reliable and affordable power. The investments along the Mohican-Battenkill corridor holds great promise for advanced manufacturing and other industries requiring dedicated power,” said Andrew S. Kennedy, president and CEO for the Center for Economic Growth. “As the region continues to experience economic success in Saratoga County, we don’t want it to be powered at the expense of the region’s more northern communities that also need access to reliable and affordable power for robust economic development.  The Mohican-Battenkill improvements will help ensure that does not happen, and we commend National Grid for undertaking this project.”


The Albany Times Union recently toured the site when it was nearing completion to get a first-hand look at a large project the public rarely sees. You can read about here:

Albany Times Union article link.

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