Employee’s rescue efforts are part of his DNA

By Bob Kievra

Arriving at the Cape Cod beach, George Rogers spotted the car’s taillights illuminated in the surf on a moonless night in January.

Moments earlier, the Nissan Altima had been a blur as it raced through an intersection, becoming airborne before lodging in the sand as waves crashed over the hood and roof.

George, a member of National Grid’s Emergency Planning Department, was returning home from dinner with his wife, Kathy, when the incident unfolded.

“I said ‘Drive, drive, drive, there’s a car in the water,’” said George, a retired Bridgewater, Massachusetts Fire Chief.   As his wife pulled up to the Falmouth beach, George took off toward the vehicle while Kathy called 911.

Wading into waist-deep water, George discovered the driver was distressed and having difficulty exiting.  The driver had lowered her window and was unsuccessfully attempting to exit feet first. 

George made entry through a rear door, gained a secure grasp of the driver and pulled her over the seats and through the rear door. George stayed with the driver until fire and police arrived.

With 35 years’ experience in fire services, including 10 as fire chief, emergency response is part of George’s DNA.

“Right place, right time,” he said.   “Firefighters are always on duty.”

The next day, George’s actions were featured on Boston news station WHDH-TV.

For his efforts, George was recently honored with a National Grid Lifesaving Award, which is awarded to an employee whose actions demonstrate quick thinking, focus and doing the right thing by aiding someone in a potentially life-threatening situation.

“George has spent a lifetime of training, preparing for, and responding to our emergencies,” said Ken Daly, chief operating officer, electric operations. “When the time came for George to respond to a life-threatening situation, he relied on his years of experience of helping others and had the personal courage to take the immediate actions needed to save a life. We are proud and privileged to have George on our team and greatly appreciate his commitment to the service of others.”

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