Employees mark 200 year fire anniversary with pride

By Nathan Stone


In 1816, Ballston Spa purchased a $300 hand pumping suction engine to combat chimney fires, which were a serious problem in the town. This act began the Eagle-Matt Lee Fire Company, which is still in business 200 years later.Parade Route
On June 25th, the town of Ballston Spa hosted a parade marking the 200 year anniversary celebration of the fire department, an organization where several of our employees serve. This event was largely organized by our employees, and culminated by a festival at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds.

Participating and co-organizing the event were:

• 3rd Assistant Chief Kevin Krogh (Lead Supervisor, UNY East Gas Ops)
• 2nd Lieutenant 13-3 Colby Krogh (Gas Mechanic, Schenectady)
• Firefighter J.D. Yattaw- (Electric Ops)
• Firefighter Don Van Appledorn- (CMS)
• Firefighter John Van Chance, (Gas Mechanic, Schenectady)

Dozens of departments from several neighboring towns turned out near the Saratoga County Fairgrounds to celebrate the fire company’s milestone Saturday.

There were many events which the community could participate in such as an old fashioned manual pumper competition, jaws-of-life demonstrations, medical evacuation helicopter demonstrations, and more.

The parade was dedicated with gratitude by the entire department:

“This Program Booklet is dedicated to the
wives, mothers, sisters and families
NO. 1. Without their understanding, help
and assistance, this 200th anniversary
would not have been possible.
Our sincere appreciation and gratitude is
extended to all who have cooperated.
The world is small, no matter what we may
think. And we, as volunteer firefighters,
are still mere People, no matter how we
may feel. Therefore, as this Program Book
is dedicated and this celebration becomes a
reality, we share with you, this thought…

“We shall pass through this world
but once. If therefore there be any
kindness we can show, or any good
thing we can do, let us do it now. Let
us not defer it or neglect it, for we shall
not pass this way again.””

Kevin Krogh, Lead Supervisor Gas Operations

3rd Assistant Chief Kevin Krogh (Lead Supervisor, UNY East Gas Ops)

John VanChance, Gas Mechanic, Schenectady Gas Operations

Firefighter John Van Chance, (Gas Mechanic, Schenectady)

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