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Elderly manThis week one of our Customer Meter Service (CMS) employees went above and beyond to help a community member who was lost and disoriented.

John DeMelo observed what appeared to be a disoriented elderly man while completing a job in Fall River, MA last week. John was concerned and decided to reach out to the man, who was unable to answer some basic questions. John had a hunch that the man needed assistance, and he knew his suspicious were correct when the man told him that he was supposed to be in New Bedford (a neighboring community) and that he was “following the fire hydrants to get there.”

John decided to call the Fall River police department to get the man help. He made sure the man felt comfortable leaving with the officers and told him he was in good hands with the Fall River police. The man then shook John’s hand.

After completing another job nearby, John saw one of the officers that had responded to his call and he asked him how they made out. The officer told him they called an ambulance to get the man medically evaluated and to get him the help that he desperately needed.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are difficult diseases that many of our community members face. Thanks to John for recognizing when help was needed. With temperatures still freezing during this Massachusetts spring and the busy roadways in the area, John may have saved a life.

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That is a very nice story. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and got out of her nursing home. She walked 2 miles away during the winter with no coat on and some kind soul saw her and had her stay at her office until the police arrived. You may not hear anything directly from his family, but I know for sure they truly appreciate what you did John.

Mike G.

Wonderful story. John DeMelo should be applauded many times over for his awareness and human compassion. This elderly gentleman was surely saved of some type of harm because of John.


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