Employee Support Means Ice Cream In Troy

Volunteers from Frear Park Conservacy include National Grid Director Brian Sano (second from left).

In the New York Capital Region, the Frear Park Conservancy is an organization dedicated to improving the City of Troy’s Frear Park and Preserving its historic integrity. Through collaborative efforts with park users, the surrounding community, the Conservancy strives to revive and maintain the park’s history, beauty, and recreational value. National Grid Director of Gas Field Operations and CMS Brian Sano has been a long-time supporter of the project.

This week the Conservancy held an ice cream social for about 300 kids in their summer program. Brian donated $500 which came from National Grid as a result of his last 2 years of volunteering and the Local Energy donations ($250 per year) made by the company. Here is a link to the Facebook post with some of the coverage that the event earned from local media and Troy City Hall. The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) also heard that the ice cream was being purchased by National Grid and felt inspired to provide free bussing for the kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs on the North and South ends of the city.

Brian Sano said, “In the end, the kids were appreciative of the free ice cream on a hot summer day and I was appreciative to work for a company that provides the opportunity to do cool stuff like this for my community.”

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