Emergency Prep Month Includes UNY Gas Drill

By Patrick Stella

During National Emergency Preparedness Month in September, National Grid is encouraging customers to take action now, before severe storms or an emergency strikes, to be ready for events that can disrupt daily life or even put lives at risk.

But the company is also undertaking their own emergency drills to make sure their crews and local emergency responders are also prepared. In Schenectady, NY this month National Grid invited local fire, police, the Red Cross and others to participate in a natural gas emergency drill that was covered in this video by local CBS affiliate WRGB TV:


“Safety is our top priority for customers, always. This month in particular, we’re reminding our customers of the importance of planning for emergencies so they will have what they need to take care of themselves and their families, and to help others in their community.” said Ken Daly, President of National Grid in New York.

“At National Grid, being prepared for emergencies is a year-round commitment,” said Michael McCallan, director of Emergency Planning & Preparedness for National Grid. “The company regularly reviews and enhances emergency response plans, and conducts drills and employee training to reinforce employees’ ability to contribute during storms and service restoration.”

National Grid also continuously maintains and strengthens the reliability of its gas systems. National Grid is investing heavily in its gas infrastructure to modernize the network, ensure reliability, safety, and to connect customers to the energy they need to heat their homes and run their businesses in the most economic manner.


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